Yes, we accept submissions!


We're constantly looking for creative and inspiring individuals, but it’s great when people like you find us first. If you're interested in submitting with us, please follow these 4 steps:


1 Purchase one of our disposable cameras here.

The reason why we love the idea of using a disposable camera is that each individual who takes photos has 27 shots to capture what they're inspired by and interested in.

We ask that you purchase one of our disposable cameras that we sell online so that it's an even playing field for our contributors and submissions.

We also ask that you purchase one of our disposable cameras so that we can continue to reach individuals around the world and support our project, as we are still 100% self-funded.

2 Receive your disposable and begin shooting!

Feel free to shoot at your own pace but we will contact you with deadlines if needed. We just want to see what makes you so unique and interesting!  Also, if you would like a bit of guidance for some of your shots, we are collecting images from all of our contributors for smaller themed zines. Some current themes include but are not limited to the following:

chans (cute animals), vices, pink, vanity, cars, and beauty

The themed photos are not a requirement though, so no need to include if it doesn't fit your interest at the moment! Check back as we will update to include more themes as we continue.

3 Document your process.

When you open your package and while you're using your disposable, feel free to document your process using the hashtag #MyDisposable or #DisposableMagazine. We love to see what you're up to while shooting, how you decorate your camera, and the story behind your disposable camera!

4 Send your disposable back to us.

After you finish the camera, please email us for the return address. We then develop the film and review for a feature on our site or possible curation into our social media, themed zines, and/or yearbook magazine. We’ll of course send you the high-resolution scans for your use as well!

Please note that due to high volume of recipients, we only develop a small amount per month within our budget. We will do our best to get to yours in a timely manner! By submitting your camera to us, you acknowledge the above.

If you have any questions about the submission process, email us at