Victoria Martinez

Artist, San Diego


San Diego based, Victoria Martinez is a Mexican multi-disciplinary artist. Her life and work revolves around her love for people. She is always busy on some kind of creative work which includes photography, cinematography and scrips for films. When she is not playing with lenses, you can find her painting, or sculpting. She recently participated to Color Theory Club, an art exposition event that consists of the work of artists all over San Diego, whose goal is to bring the art community together to share experiences and emotions with each other.



Who are you and where are you from?

I'm a female, Mexican visual artist from San Diego, CA

Your roll is mainly portraits, is it something you focused on consciously?

Although my main subject tends to be people, I do not necessarily practice strictly portraiture.

Can you tell us who are the few people we see on your pictures?

On these pictures you can see some of my friends and my lover Gabriel.

Why did you decide to shoot for Disposable?

Disposable really caught my attention because of the process of submitting photographs was very original and fun!

If you could have a dinner with 5 people of your choice, dead or alive, fictional or not, who would you pick?

Daniel Ribeiro, Wes Anderson, Chloe Sevigny, Winona Ryder, Alfonso Cuarón.


Your idea of happiness?

Genuinely wanting to wake up in the morning because you're actually looking forward to doing what you're going to to.

Your idea of misery?

The complete opposite of this. The way most people live their lives. Working a job you hate with people you hate, just barely making ends meet.

If not yourself, who would you be? 

Even in the darkest moments, I would only ever want to be myself.

Your heroes? 

I’ve never had heroes.

What is your present state of mind? 

My state of mind is always complex. I feel and think multiple things at the same time.


A song? 

Ach Ach Liebling by Stereo Total.

Right or left handed? 


What is the best dish you can cook?

I am an incredible cook! Not to brag but my own food is my favorite food. Choosing one this is hard…maybe pasta?

What is your middle name?

My middle name is "Lopez" this is because my parents sent my grandpa to get my name registered and thing is hard... he either mispoke or wrote it down incorrectly so that my middle name is actually Lopez. I have considered getting it removed.

What do you do in your free time?

All of the time that is not spent working or going to class / studying is spent making art !

What inspires you? 

My own experiences inspire me.

What do you do for money?

For money I currently do online and social media marketing for a real estate office.

What do you do for pleasure? 

For pleasure I create. Among many things I love writing and filming!

What do you usually eat for breakfast? 

Cereal. Always in a rush!

If you could live in a different era?

I used to say I wish I could live in the 90s forever. But honestly with all the injustices as a brown, lowerclass, woman at this point I wish I could live in the future. Even without knowing what it holds.

Favorite fictional character? 

Lizzie McGuire.

Time travel is suddenly possible, when/where do you go?

1990s forever <33

Pants or Skirts?



Bedside table books? 

I have stacks and stacks of books, but some of my favorite are: Palo Alto, The Collector, The Catcher in the Rye, Looking for Alaska.

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?

Watch comforting shows on Netflix (Like Friends and the Office).

Do you collect?

I collect memories and feelings. I don't collect any material items. Maybe vintage clothes if that counts?

Tea or coffee? 


What is the strangest thing you believed as a child? 

When I was really small I remember believing that we all chose the bodies we were in. Like before we were born we selected our own features. And then much later changed our minds.

A color? 


A city? 


What are your plans for this weekend? 

Tomorrow I'm having a beach picnic with my lover. And on Sunday I will catch up on homework. Not very interesting I know!