Toya Willock

DJ/Traveler, Oakland


Toya Willock (aka DJ Chatoyance) grew up in Philadelphia and moved to the Bay Area when she was 7. She is an Oakland-based vinyl DJ and collector of the B-Side Brujas, a crew composed of women of color. She uses music, singing, acting, and dancing as a form of self-expression, creating community, and raising awareness. When she and the Brujas aren’t playing events across California, Toya is immersed in nature and takes time traveling with her boyfriend–also a DJ and photographer–whether they embarking on weekend camping trips in their Volkswagen Camper, or trekking through South America, Western Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.




B-Side Brujas @ soundcloud

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Where did you grow up?

Born in Philly but the bay raised me. Hayward, Oakland, Berkeley.


From the discussions we’ve had, it seems like you travel often! Care to list as many cities, states, countries you’ve been to?

I love traveling! Been to London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza, Rome, Florence, Venice, Thailand, Bali, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Cairo & Giza, Athens, Santorini, and ICELAND.


Where did you travel when you were using the disposable?

I have the best partner, Brendan Tidd. hes a great photographer! @b.tidd on ig. For this trip we did paris, berlin, greece, egypt, london, ibiza.


How long have you been collecting music? Do you remember the first cassette, CD, record you bought?

Been collecting records for a few years. my boo is a HUGE collector. for over 10 years. we love the 70s! the music im into reminds me of my mom and my east coast turned west coast childhood.


What’s the most exciting event you’ve played or been a part of?

We did a rad event Summer time in the LBC this year and I got my records signed by George Clinton, Brenton Wood, Mary Jane Girls, and Zapp. Also got to say hi to Method man, and be back stage with so many good folks.


As a woman in a collective of women, do you have any tips/suggestions/struggles to share regarding how to break into a world typically dominated by men?

In a collective of women i feel empowered and excited to thrive in this male dominated industry. My bf is also a vinyl DJ. his group has been doing gigs around the bay for years.  And its more than a love of music, it's family, it's hanging with your friends, its healing, its sharing, its telling a story, its raising awareness all while having fun. 

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