The Pa/rt

Editors, Los Angeles

Disposable Magazine x Urban Outfitters


Emily & Hannah are sisters from Los Angeles and run The Pa/rt, a site dedicated to exploring multi-ethnic beauty and universal wellness. They were inspired to create a community for women of mixed ethnicity since feeling underrepresented in the beauty industry. In the future, they aim to make simple beauty products and brand that challenge the current beauty industry.



What made you start Pa/rt?

We have always felt underrepresented in the beauty industry as women of mixed ethnicity. Other than each other, there has never been a place for us to share beauty preferences/grievances related to being multi-ethnic. We found that many others felt the same and wanted to create a place where women could share this experience.


How do you select the type of beauty that you feature on your site?

We want to feature as many diverse women as possible. Some of the featured women have reached out to us, and others are friends of ours or friends of friends. We are always open to submissions!


What does sisterhood mean to you?

Sisterhood means having a person or people who make you feel good about
yourself is honest with you, and who you can connect with.


What future do you see for Pa/rt?

We hope to continue sharing unique stories and also are in the process of
developing simple beauty products targeted towards multi-ethnic people. Ultimately, we want to establish a global brand that challenges the current beauty industry, by changing both standard ideals of beauty and the ways we manufacture and consume beauty products.


Your idea of happiness? 

Achieving all the goals we’ve set for ourselves, and hopefully helping others along the way.


Your idea of misery? 

Emily: Being isolated and unable to share thoughts/ideas with other people.
Hannah: Being complacent and losing motivation. 


If not yourself, who would you be? 

Emily: Jane Goodall.
Hannah: I wouldn’t be anybody else. 


Your heroes? 

Our parents, women who have paved the way for female-run beauty businesses such as Emily Weiss.


What is your present state of mind? 

Emily: Hungry.
Hannah: Thirsty.


Bedside table books? 

Emily: Plenty cookbook.
Hannah: The book I’m currently reading, A Little Life.


What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 

Try to meditate, but if that fails just social media on our phones.


Do you collect? 

Emily: Jewelry!
Hannah: Vintage denim. 


Tea or coffee? 



What is the best dish you can cook? 

Neither of us cooks enough to have a specialty dish. 


What is your middle name?

Emily Jean, Hannah Lin.


What do you do in your free time? 

Check out new restaurants, read, laze around in parks.


What inspires you?

Strong women who seek to do better for others.  


What do you do for money? 

Emily: Works in Fashion.
Hannah: Works in Entertainment Finance.


What do you do for pleasure? 

We love going to flea markets and hunting for vintage art and furniture.  


A color? 

Emily: Mint green.
Hannah: Forest green.


A city? 



What are your plans for this weekend? 

We are going to see Brian Fallon play at the El Rey in LA. 


A song? 

Emily: Heaven is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle.
Hannah: Top of the World - The Carpenters. 


Right or left handed? 

Emily: Left.
Hannah: Right.