Sheewa Salehi

Events + Content Manager of Space15Twenty, Long Beach


Sheewa Salehi is the Events and Content Manager for Urban Outfitters’ Space15Twenty in Los Angeles. She is first generation Iranian, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. In her youth, she spent much of her time involved in academic programs and extracurricular activities under strict curfews. After high school her parents encouraged her to pursue a career in the medical field. Although she was unsure of what she wanted to do in life, she knew the medical field was not how she wanted to make a living. She moved to LA in 2007 to start a new journey.

Sheewa’s ambition, curiosity, and dedication has led her to her role at Space15Twenty where she works with collaborators to conceptualize and execute events, installations, and content pieces that stimulate and support the surrounding communities. If the opportunity arose, she would love to collaborate with VICE to curate an event celebrating the beauty of Middle-Eastern culture.



UO Space15Twenty



Where are you originally from and where do you live now?

I am first generation Iranian – born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up, my father worked as a Mathematical Science Professor at the University.  As you can imagine, my youth consisted of an excessive amount of academics, after school programs and strict curfews. After high school my parents decided I should pursue a career in the medical field. I entertained their dreams until one fateful day in AnP 2, when I found myself hands deep in a cadaver's spongey internal organs, I realized, this is def not where I want to be in life. I always knew I wanted something more – I just didn't know quite what. So, in 2007 I packed my bags, moved to LA and started my journey.


Tell us about your role over at Space15Twenty and how your career path got you to where you are at today.

I am the Events + Content Manager at UO Space 15 Twenty. I curate programming, work with collaborators to conceptualize/execute experiential events and content pieces that support the community. I'm an ambitious human - my curiosity, hard work, dedication and love for the community has gotten me to where I am today.


As an event and content manager, what would be your dream event or content to manage/create? 

Thankfully, I'm fortunate enough to find myself collaborating with individuals to create "dream" content pieces and events on the daily! However, if I had the opportunity, I would love to collaborate with VICE and curate an event that celebrates the beauties of Middle-Eastern culture.


What's the best event you have ever been to?

The premier of Sampha's film, "Process," by Khalil Joseph, at the Underground Museum, was an incredible experience. The 37-minute film was so beautiful and the ambience in the UM courtyard was the perfect place to enjoy it. Following the film there was an intimate performance by Sampha – and that was the ultimate treat. I was so touched, I wept tears of happiness on the drive home! 


How was your experience documenting with the disposable?

Super nostalgic. I remember when I was younger I was eager to go to the store and develop a disposable to see the outcome of these unpredictable – sometimes random shots. There is something so special about them– they are timeless!


Do you collect?

Yes, I collect memories.


What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

That in order to be successful one must follow a certain path...


A color?

Peaches 'N' Cream


A city?



What are your plans for this weekend?

I partnered with my friend, Theo Martins, to create a two-day pop-up celebrating the launch of his new album, "TM," and an exclusive product launch for his brand, Good Posture.


A song?

Everything is Everything – Lauryn Hill



Your idea of happiness?

Love in all shapes and form. 


Your idea of misery?

A world void of love


If not yourself, who would you be?

I have a weird obsession with Princess Diana, so I suppose I would be a member of the Royal Family.


Your heroes?

Those who wake up every day and pursue their goals, passions, and dreams regardless of circumstances. 


What is your present state of mind?

Focused, yet optimistic


Bedside table books?

Nayyirah Waheed's "salt." 


What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?

Deep breaths and meditation. Daily life can be chaotic, so it feels good to take a moment to focus in on the one thing that gives us life – breath.


Right or left handed?

Right Handed.


What is the best dish you can cook?

TBH, I'm more of a sous chef in the kitchen, but I can make a mean salad. 


What is your middle name?

I don't have one!


What do you do in your free time?

What free time?... Photography, interior design, or anything creatively stimulating. 


What inspires you?

My surroundings. More specifically, colors, shapes and textures found in everyday life. 


What do you do for money?

Make magic happen at UO Space 15 Twenty


What do you do for pleasure?

Dinner parties, music, laughter and gatherings with good friends