Sarah Kohler

Submission from Hong Kong, Founder of TwentyBliss


Sarah Kohler grew up in Hong Kong and is part German and part Chinese. Pad thai, photography, the Internet and collecting stories are just a few of her favorite things. In 2013, she created TwentyBliss, an online platform that brings together and empowers young creatives. The group supports local artists everywhere in the world and has launched a series of exhibitions and events. She hopes to inspire and encourage young artists globally.



Your idea of happiness? 

Probably that one late night where everything falls into place and you're reminded that everything is relative.


Your idea of misery? 

Not having a reason to pull yourself out of it. I’m not sure how to answer this question. The motivation that comes with inspiration cannot be controlled and it’s incredible when it hits you, but you’re more likely to have that feeling if you’re on the lookout for it! I’m in no way saying that I am great at this, but I do try to be. I crawl into my own head a lot and it can be awful. Just make sure you’re focused on the right things. We should be seeking inspiration, not validation. The validation comes with the fact that you tried something out, not the outcome of it. That’s a bonus.


If not yourself, who would you be? 

I’m still getting the hang of being myself, so I think I’ll stick to that for now!


Your heroes?

A. A. Milne, Miranda July and Grace Helbig. 


What is your present state of mind? 

I think this question made me conscious of it and then it decided to hide itself. I’m pretty excited for dinner though!


Bedside table books? 

The First Bad Man by Miranda July.


What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 

I’m really bad at falling asleep, so this is me on most nights. I either write to drain my thoughts or endlessly scroll through Tumblr.


Do you collect anything? 

I have a box of sentiments that I’ve collected over the years.


What is the strangest thing you believed in as a child? 

The shark tattoo that my uncle had would disappear and go for a swim whenever we went to the beach or into a swimming pool. I don’t understand how he did it, but he hid it very well and was very convincing. So yeah, I’m deathly afraid of sharks and open waters.


Favorite color? 



Favorite city? 

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Oakland and San Francisco. I couldn’t choose.


What are your plans for this weekend? 

I’m going to eat copious amounts of Chinese food, drink beer out of bowls and celebrate TwentyBliss’ second birthday! 


Favorite song? 

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. 


Right or left-handed?



What is the best dish you can cook?

Chicken parm, but I’m mostly cooking dumplings at least two to three times a week.


What is your middle name?

I actually don’t have one. Feel like I’m missing out on a lot.


What do you do in your free time?

I like to disconnect every now and then, but I get restless easily too. So when I catch a break, I’m usually looking for the next thing, project or idea to stick my nose into. I grew up in Hong Kong, stress is an addictive thing out here. Oof!