Natalia Colom Blanco

Co-Founder at The Lazy Ones, London


Together with her partner Diego, Natalia runs Des Moines, a womenswear label that is continually offering refreshing new designs. The pair also co-owns a London store called The Lazy Ones, which showcases their own work as well as cherry-picked vintage finds. Their designs have been sold by various international retailers (Topshop, Pixie Market and ABAHOUSE to name a few). Natalia strives to create unthreatening yet interesting garments with simple lines and an extreme attention to detail.





Your idea of happiness?

Trying to live my truth without much supervision and without annoying many people.


Your idea of misery?

No food, no health, no tools, uncomfortable shoes.


If not yourself, who would you be?

The best thing ever.


Your heroes? 

I aspire to be the hero that my dog thinks I am.


What is your present state of mind?

Hopeful, strong and comfortable mixed with a dose of "tense peacefulness" as I like to call it. Also mourning for the long summer days.


Bedside table books?

Right now, The Magic Mountain, The Goldfinch, Persepolis


What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 

2 sprays of rescue remedy and losing myself into an Instagram vortex till my brain feels numb.


Do you collect anything?

No, never.


What is the strangest thing you believed in as a child? 

That each country had its own sun!


Favorite color? 

Invisible green! A very dark green almost black that I chose to paint the outside of my shop.


Favorite city?



What are your plans for this weekend?

Sexy plans.


Favorite song?

“Your Old Standby” by Mary Wells.


Right or left-handed?

Right-handed. Don’t make me raise the right hand though! I have a mild condition where I have a hard time telling right from left. I call myself directionally challenged.


What is the best dish you can cook? 

Any soup! I am the soup master; I can make a good soup out of nothing, haha.


What is your middle name? 

I don’t have one.


What do you do in your free time?

Learning, stretching, and lots of walking, a bit like my dog Jules really!

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