Kat Lee

Gallery Manager, Los Angeles


Kat Lee is a gallery manager and event curator based in Los Angeles. She was born in LA, moved to the bay area when she was 12, and moved back after going to school in Santa Cruz. She manages the art collective Chewing Foil, a gallery that features many audio/visual installations and house analog TV’s and plants. She sees her plants well-being as a reminder to get some time in for yourself everyday.



Who are you?

My name is Kat :-) I am an art gallery manager and event curator based in Los Angeles.


Where are you from, where have you been, and where are you going?

I was born in LA but moved to the Bay Area when I was 12. I went to college in Santa Cruz then spontaneously made my way back to LA. I’ve never left the country or the state up until last year when I went to Seattle, London, and Budapest for the first time! I made a promise to myself that I would try to travel out of the country and the state at least once every year. So, I hope to be going to lots of new places!


What connection do you have to the people and locations you shot?

Most of these shots are from rooms of loved ones, some of my favorite nurseries, people that I’ve been spending a lot of time with, and moments with colors that are visually beautiful to me.


What do you do in your daily routine?

I’ve been trying to get back into my daily routine! Life’s been a little crazy as of late, but I’d like to get back into my morning routine.  When I wake up I  like to stretch, drink tea, get a little reading in, and admire my plants. Sometimes I like to just lay in my bed for a while and look around my surroundings and enjoy the way the light hits my room in the morning - it’s a very magical feeling to me.


Most of your roll are plants in home settings. Do you find that plants in the home have an influence on you and your state of mind?

Yes! I am definitely a big believer in that. If my plants are looking a little rough that tells me that I need to slow down and take care of myself (and my plants!). However busy life can get, I think that you can and should always try to get some time in for yourself everyday - even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Your idea of happiness? 

70 degree weather, looking at the gradient of colors in the sky right after the sun sets, a really nice hug from someone I’ve missed.

Your idea of misery? 

Waking up covered in mosquito bites.

If not yourself, who would you be? 

A beloved house cat or a thriving plant on a sunny windowsill.

Your heroes? 

My parents - they’re really cute and I am so grateful to have such a warm and beautiful relationship with them now.

What is your present state of mind? 

Calm, happy, focused ~

Bedside table books? 

Currently reading Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook For Sensitive People by Sanaya Roman and All About Love by Bell Hooks.

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 

Watch ASMR videos! I really love water sounds, hair cutting, mic brushing, and makeup tutorials.


What is the best dish you can cook? 

I recently made some yummy doenjang jjigae (된장찌개), which is soybean paste stew. It’s a dish my mom used to make me all the time! I’ve been trying to learn how to make more Korean food lately.

What is your middle name? 

Youngmi (영미)

What do you do in your free time?

Spend time with friends, be outside, eat good food, listen to tunes. Lately I’ve been really enjoying silence and alone time. It’s been a good balance!

What inspires you? 

Love and happiness.

What do you do for money?

Work with my friends! I never thought that this would be possible but I am so excited every day to be able to build something really special with people that I care about.

What do you do for pleasure?

I love being bougie (lol) especially with food. Guilty pleasure: watching trash reality TV (I love Real Housewives and Love & Hip Hop).


Do you collect? 


Tea or coffee? 


What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

The moment I found out Santa wasn’t real was when I was told he was coming to a family gathering. I was so excited until I saw him and could clearly tell that it was my pastor in a costume. I think I was more mad than sad.

A color? 

Currently? Deep red.

A city? 

Los Angeles. A place where I never thought I’d end up but have really been enjoying!

What are your plans for this weekend? 

Karaoke, dancing, charcuterie.

A song? 

Deniece Williams - Free

Right or left handed?


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