Jen Fang Shueh

Fashion Designer, Tokyo


Though Jen Fang was born in Taiwan, she studied abroad in France and Belgium and currently works in Japan. She initially designed for the Japanese fashion company Mikio Sakabe before launching her very own line, Jenny Fax. With this label, she has created a unique world of childhood memories filled with ‘90s-inspired imagery, pastels, sugary prints and sweet embroideries.



“I am a very superstitious person. I was told that when I turned 30 years old I needed to start something. It's one of the reasons I started Jenny Fax. The other is I wanted to make something for my sister. For a normal girl who is trying to challenge [the idea that] only a sexy body or pretty face can be the fashion icon..."

Why “Jenny Fax”? 

Once I saw a pink fax in my dream... Also, I like the fax machine's position in current times...People can write an email, can phone, but when you receive the fax, even though it’s printed you still can feel the writing from the sender’s side.

The other reason is stupid…I like "River Phoenix," very beautiful sound. That’s why I tried to make the brand name two words...”

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