Irene Palacio Lopez

Founder at Cacto, Madrid


Located in Madrid, Irene studied fashion design and specialized in print creation, and went on to work for fashion companies such as Zara. By 2013, she made the decision to change her path. Though she was hesitant about restarting her career, she always had an ardent interest in jewelry design. Irene took the plunge and started her own online jewelry store, CACTO, and now actively collaborates with other jewelry designers. Her photos attempt to capture the textures and colors that she is always searching for, even in the banal surrounding of everyday life.



Your idea of happiness? 

Do what I like and be with the people I love.


If you could only wear one type of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

If I had to choose only one type of jewelry I would choose something with special meaning. I do have some vintage jewelry from both of my grandmothers, but I would definitely wear the first pair of earrings I got when I was born. My mother kept them for 31 years and they really look as if they were designed today, they are very well preserved.


Your idea of misery? 

To be alone. 


If not yourself, who would you be? 

A famous scientist.


Your heroes? 

People who can make their dreams come true. 


What is your present state of mind? 

I am just looking forward to winter to end.


Bedside table books? 

Currently On the Road by Jack Kerouac.


What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? 

Smoke a cigarette and watch TV.


Do you collect anything? 

Not really.


What is the strangest thing you believed in as a child? 

I remember my grandmother telling me that if I ate vegetables (I hated vegetables when I was a kid) my eyes would turn blue like hers. After eating them, I ran to the mirror to see my eyes and she told me, “They are more blue, aren`t they?” I was sure they were…


Favorite color? 

Navy blue. 


Favorite city? 

Los Angeles. 


What are your plans for this weekend? 

I moved to a new house a few months ago and I will spend this weekend buying some stuff for the house and mounting some furniture.


Favorite song? 

"Bethany Ann," by Sanford Clark


Right or left-handed?



What is your middle name?

I have no middle name, Irene is my only name.


What do you do in your free time?

I love watching TV series and movies. I also enjoy long walks with my dog in the city and taking him to restaurants, shops and anywhere else he can join my friends and I. 


Favorite ice cream flavor? 



Favorite fictional character? 

Sherlock Holmes. 

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