Disposable Camera – Banana Yellow

Disposable Camera – Banana Yellow


Introducing our second camera color, Banana Yellow!

Each camera is now handmade by all members of the Disposable Magazine team. We recently changed our method of manufacturing to make this endeavor much more DIY and special. We bought uncustomized Fujifilm disposables, hand-measured, drafted, and designed a cover template, printed said cover, diecut the design ourselves, folded and packaged them up! We’re also lucky enough that our one-hour photo shop is willing to let us reuse our camera shells after we develop so that we may do our best to be sustainable and produce less waste!

Our cameras are available to purchase for everyone in the world. If you're interested in submitting with us, visit our Submit section.

We are still 100% self-financed and we appreciate the support to continue this project. 

Cameras available 03/29/2019.

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