Disposable Magazine x SXSW via Noah Dillon




Allan and Kevin

Michael Christmas

Cary Fagan

Artist Noah Dillon recently attended this year’s SXSW and recounts his experiences

“The only way I can describe SXSW is the internet in real life. It’s the best place to network while simultaneously having fun with friends you might see once a year. One minute you find yourself wandering around the street with 100 struggle rappers throwing their mixtapes in your face, and the next you’re backstage with Chance the Rapper and Big Sean. If you ever get the opportunity, go. You won’t regret it.”

On the photos of the band Brockhampton (the pack cloaked in purple jackets): “I’m good friends with the Brockhampton guys and helped come up with the direction/look for their first performance. It was the best performance I saw at SXSW. The energy level and utilization of the stage was crazy. Unfortunately a lot of my photos were destroyed from the airport x-ray but a few survived.”

On the photos of Allan Kingdom: “Allan is a natural. My photos didn’t capture how smooth he was on stage by any means.”

On the photo of Michael Christmas: “I was walking near 6th street with Tyler Mitchell on the way to pick up a free GoPro when we ran into Michael Christmas and his team. Tyler seems to know everyone and they talked for a minute which ended with us snapping a few quick photos.”

On the photo of Cary Fagan: “Myself, Jake Osmun, Tyler Mitchell, Franklin Mendez, Places + Faces and Cary Fagan had a gallery at a random Airbnb. We had no idea if anyone was even going to show up, but over 200 people came out to enjoy the photography and the turned up DJ set Ciesay played.”