Featured Works: Ashley Jahncke, Fashion Photographer



Photographer Ashley Jahncke from Connecticut reached out to get involved with Disposable. We really enjoyed her eye for portrait, runway, and lifestyle photographs. We gathered some favorites to share and asked Ashley to share with us her experiences working within fashion photography industry. 

Ashley Jahncke has always had a strong affinity for the arts; drawing, painting, and taking photos. She began her career as a photographer at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London with a focus on painting. She applies same core principles of painting when photographing by using broad strokes of light and shadow to paint the subject on a canvas of film. Her work dances the line between candid and composed-seeking perfection within raw and spontaneous moments.

Ashley accounts for working in the Fashion industry as an exciting and fast paced environment, filled with amazing talented and unique people. Where at times it can seem slightly competitive and intimidating she remains devoted and determined every day. Ultimately Ashley explains, “We are all just trying to create beauty and do what we love”. 

Ashley recounts one of the proudest moments of her career as when she received and email from French Vogue asking her to collaborate on an online editorial. Not only had a world renowned publication discover her work, but they were moved enough to request contribution for an upcoming project! Since then, she has learned to be prepared for anything and believe in your unique vision. She shares, "Having confidence in your talents can sometimes be challenging, but its vital." Ashley heavily believes that if you are genuine, honest and passionate about what you do, it will show, and you will find that people will stand behind you and your work.

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