Kevin Kim is an artist and tutor living in Brooklyn. He grew up in North Virginia and moved to New York to pursue a career as an artist. After graduating from university with a math degree, he spent his time driving across the United States with journals and film to shoot. He self-published his first book Everything is Ok, a book documenting those travels with journal entries and photos as a vicarious journey and inspiration for those wishing to leave their hometowns and travel as well.



After Kevin’s road trip across the states, he lived in San Diego for 6 months feeling isolated. In a need of clarity and intrigue for sacred plant ceremonies, he took a trip to Peru to partake in an intensive healing retreat. In Peru, he opened himself to being in a vulnerable state to work through insecurities and strip away the excess nonsense to focus on what mattered in his eyes. 


Learning and teaching is prevalent in Kevin’s life, whether it is learning new techniques in shooting film or teaching students math outside of the traditional school system. In the future, he aims to develop more community-oriented programs and continue traveling. One of Kevin’s goals is to design a youth center that offers education on physical, mental, and spiritual self-care and well-being.