Frequently Asked Questions


I purchased a camera just to have a pink camera, but I received an email about potentially submitting the camera for a feature on the site. Do I have to participate?

First of all, thanks for buying a camera! Secondly, submission of the camera is purely optional. We’re stoked if you’d like to share your photos with us but that choice is up to you! If along the way you wished to submit your camera, email us at and we’ll give you instructions to mail us the camera as we would curate the whole roll.


Do you only send cameras to photographers?

Not at all! But if you are a photographer, we don’t discriminate. We send cameras to anyone and everyone that is willing to share their story and life with us. We reach out to clothing designers, fisherman, musicians, mathematicians, chefs, painters, the list goes on. 


Why do some people buy a camera and some receive a camera free?

As much as we’d love to send a camera to everyone that is interested, we are still 100% self-funded by our small team and income. All money that is made by purchases of cameras, shirts, and magazines goes right back into funding the project. Every purchase helps us develop film, pays for replenishing our cameras, and aids us in new printing endeavors.  


I have some photos I’d like to share! Where can I send them?

Hi there! We’re stoked that you’d like to share! We poke around on social media and look for mostly film images that engage us. If you meant that you were interested in a feature on the site, we kindly request a camera be purchased and submitted via the instructions provided. It ensures that everyone has equal quality of photos, that no unfavorable shots were removed, and that images weren’t edited. We love the authenticity and surprise of film; you don’t know what you are getting until you develop! 


Do you have to have a certain amount of followers or fanbase to be considered?

No amount of followers or fanbase. In a world where people are famous for being famous, we want to see the real sides of people. We want to see people that actually do something, that have something they would like to share, whether you are hugely known or you are a hidden gem. 


If I send my camera, will I be able to get copies?

We send you a dropbox link, wetransfer, or google drive link of the hi-res scans. At the moment, we do not offer prints, but you are more than welcome to request your negatives!


If we are submitting a camera to you, do you have a deadline to shoot?

We don’t want to rush you at all, so you can take as long as you need to finish the camera. However we have an optional deadline per themed zine that we announce when we are in the making if you’d like to be considered. No worries though if you don’t make that deadline, you will still be featured on the site and still potentially be curated into social media or any following issues and zines.